If you love chain restaurants as much as I do, this news will please your heart, I think. 

I was so excited to find out that the Texas Roadhouse is FINALLY coming to my hometown of Toms River, NJ. The news was first posted by the TomsRiverShorebeat on Thursday (February 23). 

We had heard rumors that Texas Roadhouse was coming to town, but the news site was FINALLY able to confirm the news when the town council approved a liquor license to be transferred from a New York City broker to Texas Roadhouse Holdings. The news has also been published on Patch.com. 

The paperwork says the restaurant will open at 1201 Hooper Avenue, which would be inside the Ocean County Mall property. It's not clear exactly where on the mall's property the restaurant will open. The Ocean County Mall has added several new restaurants in recent years both inside and outside the mall itself.

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t'll be Texas Roadhouse's first location to open in Ocean County. Currently, Texas Roadhouse's closest restaurant is in Howell (Monmouth County). Plus, they have eateries in Egg Harbor, NJ; Hamilton Township, NJ & more further away.

We have reached out to Texas Roadhouse’s media relations team for comment and more details. We've also asked about an opening date. We'll update this article when we get a reply.

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