Just imagine...you have a million things on your mind...you're a 6 month pregnant mom with a toddler who's probably fussing as you buckle her into her car seat.  You're putting your groceries into your car when you notice another car is barreling toward you both and it's not stopping. This recently happened to a Red Bank mom and what's even weirder is that the car HAD NO DRIVER. The car in question was an extremely silent Tesla offering almost no reaction time.


Just moments before, her toddler was standing in the very spot the Tesla plowed right through. What would have happened if this mom was just one minute too late?  Would the Tesla have sensed the toddler and stopped or would there be irreversible tragedy? We just don't know.  After gathering herself from being narrowly missed, she watched to see where the car was headed.  The vehicle pulled up to Sickles to pick up it’s driver at the curb. The car’s owner was not even outside of the store when the almost accident took place! I am so enraged for her, and I wish I was there to help because she was so pregnant she was unable to get to the “driver” to tell him what had just happened.  Things could have been so much worse. Thankfully, her daughter was already in their car keeping her out of harm's way. Just a minute or so before she was in the Tesla’s path.

In an effort to protect others, this mom is getting the word out by posting on Facebook groups and reminding people to be hyper-aware of their surroundings. I hope posting about this on our platform helps get the word out too!

Tesla claims that their self-driving hardware is even safer than a human driver but isn’t that just like saying that being routed to an automated phone prompt system is just as smooth as talking to a real person? I’m not playing that game with kids Mr. Musk, I can tell you that.

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The takeaway here is that unconventional technology should be paired with new laws so someone's new toy doesn't hurt an innocent person. In other words, if you want to summon a self-driving car, you should not be allowed to do it in a food store parking lot or high traffic area, period. Save that stunt for a dinner party so you can impress your friends instead of alarming a pregnant mom with a toddler buying their weekly groceries.

If you remember, just a few years ago, a 40-year-old man was watching a Harry Potter movie while his Tesla was on autopilot and he died because his car did not sense a semi in the lane next to him.

There are no rules surrounding this new adaptation and there needs to be STAT. Let’s not forget that humans make mistakes and humans made this car. I’m so glad this Red Bank mom and her daughter are OK and thank you for spreading the word about this to us!

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