Pregnant Mom In Red Bank, New Jersey Saves Toddler From Driverless Tesla
Just imagine...you have a million things on your mind...you're a 6 month pregnant mom with a toddler who's probably fussing as you buckle her into her car seat. You're putting your groceries into your car when you notice another car is barreling toward you both and it's not stopping. This recently happened to a Red Bank mom and what's even weirder is that the car HAD NO DRIVER.
Feds Criticize NJ’s Tesla Ban [AUDIO]
Tesla has been banned since March from selling its electric vehicles directly to consumers in New Jersey, but the story may not be over. Now the feds are weighing in on recently-introduced legislation that would assist manufacturers of zero-emission vehicles.
Green Vehicles
Shore area business leaders considering using alternative energy vehicles will get to hear the pros, the cons and its future viability during an upcoming Conference. The Monmouth Ocean Development Council (MODC) is hosting the round table discussion on Tuesday May 20th, with energy providers and a vehicle refueling representative.