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NORTH POLE — Santa and Mrs. Claus are very disappointed in the actions of one New York substitute teacher that allegedly told students that they were not real, an elf official told WOBM News.

“We just don’t understand why someone would say that,” the elf official said also noting that Santa and Mrs. Claus accept the teacher’s apology.

The Park Slope teacher, who was reportedly banned from that classroom, also alleged that the tooth fairy was not real. WOBM News could not reach the Tooth Fairy for comment because she was “on a special dentist vacation”.

The elf official did not immediately confirm if the Brooklyn substitute teacher was on the naughty or nice list, but did confirm that they are “looking into the logistics”.

In a rare call to the WOBM Newsroom, Santa confirmed that toy and Christmas gift presents are “ahead of schedule” and will arrive at home slightly earlier this year, “we recommend children to get to sleep around 8:00 pm or whenever their parents say so.”

Over 300 students came home crying, according to a patch.com article and the school is investigating further action against the substitute.

“Santa would like to note that most of the children at that school were on the nice list,” the elf official said.

“We are so happy that 92.7 WOBM decided to go to Christmas music earlier this year, we needed the extra boost!” Santa added.

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