We're having fun today dreaming about what we'd do with a $400 million Powerball jackpot.  (Have you posted your comment yet under Sue's blog post?)  But I've got a lottery question of my own:  when your scratch-off ticket shows you won $5 or $10, do you take the money and run?  Or do you buy $5 or $10 in new lottery tickets to try to keep your winning streak alive and perhaps win even more money?

I used to consider myself a practical person who would be happy with a little bit of extra cash.  But over the holidays, I got bitten by the lottery bug.  I took my $5 winner to the store for another $5 ticket.  And lost.

I don't regret getting another ticket instead of the cash.  Dreaming about winning is always exciting.  I'm curious if most people turn their winning tickets in for more tickets or if they cash out.

Did you get any scratch-off tickets over the holidays?  What did YOU do with your winning tickets?