It's time to fire up the 92.7 WOBM time machine and take a trip back in time here at the Jersey Shore. I really enjoy being able to share the fantastic history that we have here in New Jersey and from listener response, you enjoy it as well.

I'll be honest I'm actually learning a lot about our history and the stories and sights that accompany these tales. When you sit back and think how many people and changes have occurred here in the Garden State through the centuries it really is amazing. Just think of folks from the revolutionary war times riding horseback through areas we now call home, it's incredible.

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This time around we are in Freehold, the county seat in Monmouth. The building we are visiting is now known as the "Hall of Records" but when it was originally built in 1715 it was the Monmouth County Courthouse. This site has seen several buildings over time with the current building being built in 1874. Despite a fire in 1930, the  building remained in use until 1954, when a new courthouse was built in Freehold.

Pretty neat piece of history and some of the earliest fighting during the Battle of Monmouth occured near what is today the "Hall of Records" which was the courthouse at the time of the Revolutionary War. This from Revolutionary War New Jersey.  Another amazing piece of not only Jersey Shore history, but U.S. history as well and every day people pass this site on their way to school and work, take a look next time :)

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels




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