Whale Spotted off Coast of Monmouth County
Well this is a “whale of a tale” lol and who knows maybe they “thought” they saw a whale, but reports on social media with OC Scanner News, say folks saw a whale 🐋 off the coast of Asbury Park, right here at the Jersey Shore. Not a complete surprise, but less comm…
Is Your Garden Growing?
It is that time of year, garden season. Many of you may have a home garden and love each spring to start over again and bring those home gardens to life. Whether is flowers or veggies or both, people are passionate about their gardens! Maybe you have a backyard garden or plants in your homes.....spr…
Best Fresh Baked Bread at the Jersey Shore
Smell that? Yup it’s that local bakery and the fresh-baked bread Possibly one of the greatest smells in the world. Do you think a men’s cologne called “fresh baked” would sell? Anyway I digress, fresh-baked bread is awesome! Not only the smell, but the taste!
Best Gas Prices at the Jersey Shore?
We have all heard about the "hack" of the gas pipeline here in the U.S. and a temporary shutdown of the pipeline, which may cause price increases and possible shortages, hopefully not the case here in New Jersey.

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