Promote Your Service Club’s Good Work in Ocean County
These days it seems service organizations are losing members but the more people who get involved, the more people can be helped. Many hands really do make light work. So if you're part of a service organization that welcomes new members, please take a minute to tell us about your club or cha…
Find Out What City Tips The Best
Tipping is a topic that I like to come back to every now and then because I think that it will always spark discussions. Recently, a poll came out of the US cities that are the best for tipping. What would you guess made the top of the list?
Waiting For Service Technicians is the Worst
I get chills just from hearing a phrase like this - "your technician appointment is between 10am and 4pm next Tuesday". Waiting for a service technician, installer, delivery, etc has to be one of the worst things in the world.