The New Jersey restaurant used to film the final episode of HBO's The Sopranos just sold the booth Tony Soprano was sitting in when he reportedly got whacked. Do you think it deserved to sell for more than it did?


THAT Booth from TV's The Sopranos Sold by New Jersey Restaurant

The final scene of The Sopranos, which aired way back in June 2007, left viewers stunned, confused, and debating for YEARS whether or not the 'cut to black' ending meant Tony Soprano got whacked. It wasn't until a few years ago that Sopranos creator David Chase confirmed the theory that, yes, when the scene went black, so did the life of Tony Soprano.

Forget how The Sopranos ended? Let me refresh your memory.

Holsten's Ice Cream in Bloomfield, New Jersey is where that infamous scene was filmed. Recently, because of a planned makeover, the restaurant decided it was time to part ways with what's been dubbed 'The Sopranos Booth'. Why not give it back to the fans?

Holsten's Ice Cream in Bloomfield NJ featured on The Sopranos
Tony Soprano/YouTube

After all, the notoriety the booth brought to Holsten's resulted in tons of new customers and Sopranos fans who wanted to sit where the late, great James Gandolfini ended his run playing the mobster.

Restaurant Booth That Spelled the End for Tony Soprano Sold at Auction

Holsten's Ice Cream's Sopranos Booth on eBay

49 fans reportedly duked it out on eBay for a chance to own the famous booth, according to Washington Post.

Between them, 238 bid were made, but ultimately only ONE was successful. That would be the person willing to part with $82,600.


$82,000? That's IT?! I'm sorry, but I really thought the booth would go for at least six figures. I know most of us would die to have a spare $80k to spend on something so frivolous, I just really expected this item to sell for more.

Who Bought the NJ Restaurant Booth Where Tony Soprano Got Whacked?


We may never know who shelled out the money for the Holsten's Sopranos booth. The buyer has reportedly elected to remain anonymous!

Perhaps, it was the person who runs the Tony Soprano channel on YouTube!

Steven Van Zandt
Getty Images

Secretly, I'm hoping Stevie Van Zant of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, who played Silvio on The Sopranos, purchased it. That would be poetic justice.

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Ooo! Or maybe The Smithsonian Institute won the bid on it! It certainly fits the criteria for the museum's TV history wing. Hey, if Seinfeld's puffy shirt can be in there, so can this.


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