New Pepsi Fire!
It debuts Monday and it's the latest "Pepsi" soft drink .... it's Pepsi "Fire". This latest soda is a new take on traditional Pepsi with a "cinnamon" twist! Its "hot" Pepsi using cinnamon as the flavor to give it a kic…
Pepsi Is Bringing Us Back To The Future [Video]
Back in 1989 when Back To The Future II came out, 2015 seemed an awfully long way off. From visions of hoverboards and flying cars, neither of which have truly been achieved yet, now that the "future" is here, Pepsi wants to bring at least one prediction to reality.
The Coolest Soda Machine Ever
Have you ever seen something that you are just facinated by.  I was so excited and so into this soda machine I saw at a local fast food place, (the place where the mascot is the "king").  I couldn't even really eat, because this soda machine amazed me.