Back in 1989 when Back To The Future II came out, 2015 seemed an awfully long way off. From visions of hoverboards and flying cars, neither of which have truly been achieved yet, now that the "future" is here, Pepsi wants to bring at least one prediction to reality.

You might remember when Marty McFly visited "Cafe 80s" in the future version of Spring Valley, a novel soft drink bottle with a familiar name popped up from a table. It was called "Pepsi Perfect".

Well, while we don't have flying cars just yet, Pepsi is bringing Pepsi Perfect to life just in time to celebrate "Back To The Future Day", or October 21, 2015 - the date that Marty arrived in the souped up DeLorean. Check it out:


Reports say that Pepsi Perfect will be in a very limited edition of only 6,500 bottles which will cost, naturally, $20.15 each.

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