Toms River McDonald's and the Big Mac Turn 50!
The McDonald's at 916 NJ-37 W has been serving the neighborhood since the 1960s, and has been serving Big Macs since they became a part of the national menu in 1968. Owned by Owner/Operator Sandy Chapman, the restaurant - and the McDonald's brand - has seen lots of change.

No More Cheeseburgers and Chocolate Milk
McDonald's has announced that in an attempt to make their menu healthier for kids they will soon remove cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the "Happy Meal" menu. The Happy Meal has long been a target of health advocates and parents who link it to childhood obesity.
3 Fast Food Joints That Ocean County Needs ASAP
I recently sat down and came to the conclusion that Ocean County is missing out on some great restaurants that can be found all throughout the nation. Now this concludes one major thing: I think about food WAY too much. So why have some of these restaurants been avoiding Ocean County or ev…

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