For anyone of a certain age, it's easy to remember the ingredients of a Big Mac,

Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles onions and a sesame seed bun...

This is the result of one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever.  In 1974, McDonald's started a campaign to promote their Big Mac burger.  They created a catchy jingle that listed all seven ingredients.

The jingle was a hit.  Many of the McDonald's commercials would repeat the jingle 4 or 5 times within a 60-second commercial.  The jingle was released as a record and for a while, they even offered free Big Macs to people who could sing the jingle.  Warning, if you check out the commercial, you're going to have that jingle stuck in your mind all day.

Bionic Disco via YouTube
Bionic Disco via YouTube

For the first time since the Big Mac was introduced at a McDonald's in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a big change is coming to their signature burger.

Beginning January 24th, and for a limited time, Big Mac fans will be able to order the new Double Big Mac.  The behemoth burger has been available for some time overseas, but until now, never in America.

It's just like a regular Big Mac, only doubled.  We're talking 4 patties, lots of sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles and a sesame bun.  Huge.

The Double Big Mac contains 680 calories (regular Big Macs contain 590 calories).  I guess if you could reason that it's only 90 extra calories, why not go for it?

McDonald's recently raised prices on their menu by 14% and speculation is Double Big Mac may cost as much as $20.

American foodies lose it over Australian McDonald's burger set to launch in US (

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