Joaquin 2015

Flood waters recede
New Jersey will see significant improvements in the weather forecast on Monday and the coastal flooding threat will be much lower, although rough surf and high water remains in spots.
Dramatic Rescue Video
While Hurricane Joaquin took a turn to the East and spared Ocean County, the storm out to sea still caused rough ocean conditions which lead to a dramatic rescue at the Manasquan Inlet earlier today.
More Problems for Sunday
Despite improvements in the forecast, the dramatic effects of a coastal storm system and Hurricane Joaquin will still be felt on Sunday.
Share Your Storm Photos
From empty store shelves to whatever you're seeing and experiencing during the storm, share your pictures and video with us. Plus, take a look at the photos others have shared.
Heavy flooding hitting NJ
Heavy flooding was being seen in coastal New Jersey mid-day Friday, as storms continued to hit the state even while Hurricane Joaquin looked more and more likely to turn out to see.

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