Okay to take some videos at live performances?
The woman next to me at the concert said my phone's camera was distracting her so I put it away. The plus side of not holding my phone was I really was present. I experienced the beautiful music instead of thinking about camera angles, lighting, or how I might caption the pic on Facebook.
Top 5 Beach Etiquette Rules
With Memorial Day Weekend firmly in our rear view mirrors, we're taking stock of how our beaches and boardwalks were treated this past weekend. With an eye toward the rest of the summer beach season, here are my top 5 beach etiquette suggestions for visitors...
Jersey Etiquette at Sporting Events
Whenever you go to a sporting event, there are always people wearing jerseys for the team they root for, however sometimes it seems the fan wearing the jersey may be a bit confused.
What's The Best Etiquette For Group Messaging?
Technology has sparked a whole new category of etiquette questions that we've never had to think of before. And now, with text and online messaging popular across generations, some of us may have different thoughts on what are the best rules to keep in mind when talking to a group electronicall…
I Couldn't Believe What I Saw On The Parkway Yesterday
Nobody likes sitting in an endless line of Garden State Parkway construction traffic. But, unfortunately, for most of us here in Ocean County, it's a way of life. It is what it is, and you just have to deal. But I was pretty stunned when I saw how a few drivers handled it on my way home last ni…
What Tourist Habits Do You Find Rude?
We definitely know from tourists here in Ocean County. And goodness knows that almost all of us have seen less than polite tourist behavior. What tourist habits do you find to be inexcusably rude?

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