How Are Your Parallel Parking Skills?
That weekend road trip with my sister brought to light one of our major differences. I'm a good parallel parker, and she is not. So I thought it would be interesting to find out who the better parallel parker is in YOUR household. Is it you? Your spouse? Your grown children?
Weekend Road Trip Saved By A Map
Being “old school” really saved me last weekend.  Setting out on that weekend road trip to Annapolis, I had just loaded my suitcase in my sister’s car and was ready to get behind the wheel when I asked her, “Do you have a road map...
Jersey Shore Do You Fly or Drive
Recently we booked a quick little adventure to Florida.  Usually we love to drive!  I love driving down 95 and knowing I'm heading to warmth.  But, flying is quicker and faster!  They both work for me.
Discovering Small Town New Jersey
Over the weekend, I used technology to help me discover simple small town pleasures.  Let me explain.  Having had a nice time at an event in Pennsville, NJ, near Delaware, my friend and I wanted to find somewhere to have lunch.  I programmed my car’s GPS to “avoi…