Childhood Memories

Fireflies – Feeling Like a Kid Every Summer
Whether you call them "lightning bugs" or "fireflies", most kids love catching the iridescent insects. and I was definitely one of them. Decades later, when I see that distinct green flash, I still cup my hands and try to catch them.
What Were Your Favorite Games as a Kid?
I've talked before about my many Summers in the woods at camp. These days it's hard to imagine living for 4-8 weeks without TV, DVRs, and smart phones, but every Summer I would go technology free for up to 9 weeks. So it was always important to bring along some fun games.
What is your favorite Monkees song ? [VIDEO]
Sad news Wednesday with the passing of Davey Jones at age 66. Growing up as 5th Graders in Barnegat I remember three good friends and me forming a toy garage band and of course it was based on ..... THE MONKEES! What a great childhood memory of singing their hits .  I still have their music today on my iphone! Today we look back on the music of the Monkees! VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE