Whether you call them "lightning bugs" or "fireflies", most kids love catching the iridescent insects. and I was definitely one of them. Decades later, when I see that distinct green flash, I still cup my hands and try to catch them.

Like many kids, when I was little I used to put a few blades of grass in a jar, poke holes in the lid, and put a couple inside. Perched right on my night stand, I'd watch them flash until I fell asleep.

Of course they didn't always last very long under those conditions (hey, I was a kid, what do you expect?), but you could always go catch more.

While I don't keep a bedside jar of bioluminescent bugs any longer, it's still fun to let them land on your hand, flash a few times, and go on about their business.

Did you catch fireflies as a kid? Do you still as an adult?