PHILADELPHIA — As millions of people log onto the internet to work from home, more and more people are reporting that they are receiving error messages when they try and connect to their internet, according to Down Detector. 

A heat map curated by users on Down Detector shows issues in the tri-state area as well as Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston.  

86% of users that reported a problem with Comcast say that it is an internet problem, “I restart my modem and router and the router works for about five minutes and then goes out,” a user named Adam wrote. 

While the internet may be up for some, slow speeds are plaguing others, “Download speeds of max 3.1MB/sec… ridiculous,” a user named Prez wrote and who went on to say that he has been having problems since yesterday. 

#SnapchatDown is also now trending on Twitter as users are unable to access the platform, regardless of internet connection. 

This is a developing story and we will update you with the latest as it becomes available. 

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