My long weekend was filled with a variety of experiences.  One thing was horrifying.  Another was just annoying.  But both proved the internet can be extremely helpful.

On Saturday my usually sweet and mild-mannered dog bolted towards a groundhog and attacked it.  I was shaken, shocked, and grossed out.   I have never seen a pet kill another critter before.  I honestly didn't know what to do.  Do I have to call Animal Control?  Is my dog going to be okay?  What the heck does one do with a dead groundhog?  Thankfully, the internet calmed me down.  I saw numerous reassuring posts from dog owners.  After reading, I was able to relax knowing that I just had to clean and keep an eye on the small wound that Taylor got.  She's up to date on her Rabies vaccine so no worries there.  And the disposal was taken care of by my guy and a shovel. I was grateful to him and all those strangers who posted publicly how they handled their dogs' hunting behaviors.  Two of my favorite posts were "Your dog just had the BEST. DAY. EVER!" and "Your dog probably thought she was protecting you from the groundhog."

Sunday presented an annoying situation.  I purchased wiper blades for my car at the shop that promises quick and free installation.  I pulled into the service bay and the tech was struggling to remove my old blades.  He was poking and prodding and forcing things to move in a way that made me fear he would break something.  So I quickly found a YouTube video showing how to remove and replace blades for my type of car.  It showed the special release lever he needed to push GENTLY.  I offered him my phone, he watched the clip, and then successfully got the blades changed.  (Without even thanking me, I might add, but that's a topic for another day.)  Once again, internet saves the day.

Do you rely on the internet to get advice and instructions like I do?  What sites do you use most often?



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