Volunteers who serve as the extra eyes and ears for police, fire and medical emergency responders on the streets of Lakewood now have a slick new set of wheels on the pavement.

(L-R) Lakewood Mayor Isaac Akerman; Honda Universe GSM James Frederick and Parts-Service Director Chris Straccia; Fire Commissioner Larry Loigman, Committeeman Menashe Miller, Police Capt. Tom Langenberger (Fran Kirschner

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch's new Honda CRV, dubbed "Stay Safe With Honda," is a gift from one of the township's most prestigious dealerships, Honda Universe on Route 88.

Dedication ceremonies took place during National Night Out Against Crime. Honda Universe General Sales Manager James Frederick and Parts and Service Director Chris Straccia handed the keys to Mayor Isaac Akerman, who in return proferred a township proclamation.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to give back to the community through such a worthy organization,” said Straccia, who is credited with organizing the donation. The dealership has been a community fixture for more than a half-century.

The white SUV with the bold, dark LCSW insignia emblazoned on the doors will get a workout. In addition to patrolling the community, volunteers in the group help in emergency transports and serve support roles during crises.

Members say that their activities have increased in the past several months, having a hand in multiple arrests, finding missing people and helping to keep a lid on crime. The group's ascending profile has prompted Lakewood's state Senator Robert Singer to explore ways of replicating it throughout his 30th Legislative District.

The volunteers also recognized the support of local officials with plaques for Police Chief Rob Lawson and Captains Tom Langenberger and Greg Meyer.