Super Bowl Sunday is the national holiday that does not come with a day off and even though many are working from home more than 17 million people will miss work on Monday, some taking the day off while others will call in sick.  Whether they come into the office or work from home many will turn their computer on late or bail on the day early as it’s said that distractions and absences will cost employers over $4 billion.  Super Bowl LVI (that’s 56) matches the upstart Cincinnati Bengals against the Los Angeles Rams who get to play at home at SoFi Stadium and regardless of who wins it will be a first.  For the Bengals it is their third trip to the big game losing in 1982 & 89 so they are seeking their first crown.  The Rams did win the Super Bowl in 2000 when they called St. Louis home…they lost in 1980, 2002 & 2019 and are looking to give LA fans their first title.

Last year most people stayed home and skipped house parties but on Sunday more people are expected to gather with friends and family to watch the game.  Partly because of the teams and the lack of glamour players there seems to be less interest in previous years but those that do watch will do so while consuming favorites like chicken wings, pizza, nachos, pigs in a blanket, subs, chips and more.  They will wash it down with over 50 million cases of beer and likely start the next day with a package of Rolaids or TUMS.

If you’re like me it’s really all about the game but many are more interested in the commercials and the halftime show.  I’ll enjoy the commercials but you can be sure I’ll pass on the halftime entertainment…a good time to stock up with food for the second half.

As for the game itself.  If it was a pick’em I would probably go with the Rams but Caesars Sportsbook will give me 3 ½ points if I go with the Bengals, which I will.

Final score LA 21 Cincinnati 19.

Enjoy the game!

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