Here is the Readers Digest version or for you young people the Twitter wrap-up on Super Bowl Sunday:

 Lousy game, lousy commercials, lousy halftime show, lousy job by CBS announcers.  Okay that’s a wrap on the NFL season.

Well since I have a couple of more minutes let me go a bit deeper.

For two weeks and then about 8 hours of pre-game shows all the so-called experts told us we were in for an epic matchup between the greatest quarterback in NFL history and the one player who might surpass him someday.  Well it did not quite turn out that way as the experts missed badly on this one.

Tom Brady may indeed be the GOAT and for sure he’s the greatest winner of all-time but Super Bowl 55 belonged to another TB and that was Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.  He may have failed miserably as a Jets head coach (don’t most) but he came up with a game plan that made life miserable for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes who was chased all over the Raymond James Stadium turf from the start of the game to the finish.

His reign as an all-time great is put on hold.

Next the commercials and there were a few good ones.  I liked the Bud Light one about 2020 being a year for lemons and the Amazon “Alexa” one featuring Michael B. Jordan the best.

I also thought the Jeep spot with Bruce Springsteen was very well done although a Jersey guy in a cowboy hat was a bit of a stretch.  Props also to the Wayne’s World remake for Uber Eats and I know many also liked the Cadillac commercial that was an Edward Scissorhands remake but I never saw the movie so it did not resonate with me.

As for the halftime show featuring The Weeknd and a bunch of people in red jackets with jock straps over their head, well I will let my two Twitter comments speaks for themselves:

“You can have this for a halftime show.  Give me a couple of good college marching bands” AND “If you woke up from a coma and saw this halftime show you would go back to sleep.”  Enough said on that.

Finally for as good as they are I would at best give CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo a “C” on the broadcast.  Romo still thinks Kansas City has a chance to come back and win the game.

I know you want to keep the audience but at some point admit it. The game sucked and so did the box pools I was in.

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