I am well aware that there are many women of all ages who like pro football and in this area likely root for the Giants, Jets and/or Eagles…leave me alone you Cowboys and Steelers fans.

If you are one of those females who can’t wait for the opening Sunday of the NFL season then you can ignore the rest of this segment because it’s addressed to those who are about to lose their spouses and partners from this Sunday until February 12, 2023…that’s 154 days.

Don’t fret you won’t lose them every day.  Just Sunday, Monday night, Thursday night and later in the season a few Saturdays.  Sunday is really the day that might bother you as it starts with pre-game shows (which I ignore) and then there are 1:00pm, 4:25pm & 8:20pm kickoffs.  Of course if your other half is in a fantasy league or two he will probably need sometime early in the day to finalize his lineup once the injury reports come out.

What I’m really saying is Sunday after 1pm is not a good time to ask about carpet colors, cleaning the garage or taking a ride to look at furniture.  He might ask you, “What is wrong with Daniel Jones” or “why do the Jets do this to me every year” or on the plus side “how much can I spend on taking the boys to an Eagles game.”  By the way your answers might be “who is Daniel Jones?” “The Jets never win” and “if you’re taking all three boys for the day spend whatever you want.”

Football is not a sport, it’s an addiction.  Speaking of that on Sunday at 1pm I will be tuned in to the NFL RedZone with Scott Hanson for 7 hours of non-stop updates from games around the league which is a must for fantasy owners and those who bet on games through an app.

So make your plans for Sunday February 19 because there will be no excuse for why he (or she) can’t spend the day with the family…that is unless they are a NASCAR fan.  That’s the date of the Daytona 500.

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