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I thought this would be fun to see how Abs knows her 80's. **Hint, she has no clue about the 80's. I asked her a couple of questions about the 80's and I'm not doing a very good job as a Mom:

What are the 80's? Abby's answer - Aren't they the hippies?

What are leg-warmers? Abby's answer - They warm your legs, I have a pair.

What kind of music will you hear when I say 80's? Abby's answer - Elvis? Really, Elvis?

What is a mullet? Abby's answer - That weird hair with short on top and long on the bottom. She says, "I see it a lot on TikTok." - Could it be coming back?

And...I showed her this picture and said, "Who's this?"👇👇 Abby's Answer - I have no clue?? That's me, from 1988 - She laughed and walked away and said, "That's not you."

Sue Moll,
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


My daughter is the love of my life - fresh, funny, truly a wonderful little soul that brings me sunshine every day. She's now 14 and her life and what she does is just so funny, it’s too funny not to talk about or write about. It’s all about sharing our adventures with you. Time flies. Thanks for all of your advice through the years, Mom's we are never alone. I guess it should be "Sue's Mom Blog" since she's "so" grown up now, I'm totally laughing out loud at that.

Sue Moll
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