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Shawn Michaels



So this is a great tool for everyone to have in the battle against Coronavirus. It’s the Ocean County Health Department’s “app”. The app is a great resource for information on Covid 19 and much more throughout Ocean County.

One example that sticks out immediately is the “cancellation” update system that runs a scroll across the top. We are expecting inclement weather Thursday and the app gave an alert and is scrolling the cancellation of a vaccination clinic that is postponed until Friday. This is great information for those with upcoming appointments. It gives the user all the details about the clinic cancellation and what you will need to do now that there has been a postponement.

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The COVID 19 button gives you access to a host of coronavirus related info. Including alerts, CDC social media, CDC travel notices, Covid 19 FAQ’s, Newsletter signups, Covid 19 Local News and the download for the CDC app.

The app features a Wellness Check. This feature has you follow a question and answer session to determine if you need to be tested for Covid 19.

The app also has complete listings of clinics and Covid events. This link will give you details on upcoming health department events for the next several months. Not just Covid 19 related, but all health department events like flu shot clinics and TB screenings.

Health topics and information include:

  • Lyme disease
  • Asthma
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Quit Smoking
  • Radon Awareness
  • Physical Fitness

Sections are included for Women, Children and Infant health. Emergency Preparedness and County Animal Shelters.

This app is a one stop info tool for residents here in Ocean County and I have it downloaded on my phone. Simply go to the App Store for iOS phones or Google Play for Android and download for FREE.

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