Spring is still almost two weeks away (yes, I'm counting!), but one of the first signs that winter will soon be in our rear view mirror is only days away - Daylight Saving Time is this weekend!

(And yes, apparently the proper usage is "daylight saving" not "daylight savings". Go figure!)

This Saturday when you go to bed, set your clock an hour ahead, and you'll be ready to go.

Some people look at it as losing an hour of sleep, but I definitely look at it more as gaining an hour of sunlight.

One of the worst parts of winter in my opinion, is when it gets dark before most people even get out of work. For the last few weeks, it's gotten more and more obvious that the sun is staying out longer.

In fact, as I write this dusk is just falling over Ocean County (sunset is officially 5:39 tonight). This time next week, we'll still have another hour worth of sunshine to enjoy.

We still have to get through some chilly weather before we can really enjoy the outdoors yet, but at least we'll have some more sunshine to enjoy which, I've also noted, makes a big difference all by itself!

What are your favorite (or least favorite) parts of the end of winter/beginning of spring? Comment below and chime in!


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