Now that we've gotten into November 2019, the picturesque late sunsets of summer are long gone, especially now that we've rolled our clocks back to Eastern Standard Time.

But, at least one New Jersey lawmaker wants to end the practice of springing forward and falling back to permanently put the Garden State on daylight saving time.

The practice of changing our clocks twice a year goes back just over 100 years in the United States, and was adjusted by a few weeks back in 2007.

But if New Jersey State Senator Shirley K. Turner has her way, the Garden State would do away with the practice and stay on daylight saving time permanently.

As a result, when days naturally get shorter in the fall and winter, it would still get dark earlier than in the spring and summer, just not as early as, say 4:30 p.m. for example, like it is now.

The biannual change of time between Eastern Standard Time and Eastern Daylight Time is disruptive to commerce and to the daily schedules, safety, and health of the residents of this State

The text also goes on to point to studies that claim that the time change leads to more traffic accidents and even negatively impacts our health.

As of this writing the bill hasn't been voted on yet, but you can read the full text of it by clicking here.

Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and let us know what you think, should we scrap the biannual time change in New Jersey?


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