Sometimes these days, companies have gotten so large that it seems like they feel like they don't have to bother with good customer service anymore. But I had an excellent customer service experience over the weekend.

Remember in the old days when the worst thing about renting a movie was whether the previous person rewound the tape or not? Since DVDs took over from VHS tapes, while more convenient and better quality, you also have to deal with scratches and other problems with the discs. 

Over the weekend I rented a DVD from my local Redbox kiosk, at the Walgreens in Brick. Unfortunately, when I went to watch the movie at home, it skipped, pixellated, and had other annoying problems throughout the whole movie (yes, I did try taking out the disc and cleaning it off). 

I emailed Redbox customer service to let them know about the issue. To my surprise, they got back to me within hours, on a weekend none the less. Not only were they good humored in their response, but they offered me not one, but three free rentals to make up for my one bad rental. I would have been happy with a simple refund of the rental price, but they went above and beyond to make a customer happy.

Let's be honest, it doesn't cost them, as a company, much to give out a few free rentals, but it pays them back in spades when it results in happy and loyal customers. So hats off to Redbox, you guys are a great example of responsive and friendly customer service!

What are the best customer service experiences that you've had? Tell us below in the comments section and give credit to your favorite companies!

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