After our Black Friday shopping trip, I took my sister and niece out to lunch in North Jersey.

The check came and I saw that I had been charged $6 for two glasses of seltzer water.  I am not a cheapskate but have to say that this annoyed me.  Partly because there was so much ice in each serving, I barely got much of the beverage.  Partly because it was water, pretty much the cheapest thing one can drink.  And partly because the server came by and asked "do you want another?" in a tone that sounded like she was offering a free refill.  Lesson learned.  I should have asked before I said, "yes."

What's been your experience in Ocean County?  Do most places refill soft drinks for free?  And if they do not, do you think that seltzer water could be an exception?  I mean, what does it cost the restaurant...maybe a penny or two per glass?

And while we're at it, let's talk about iced tea.  Why is it that places that offer free refills on soda won't comp you another glass of tea?

Those of you who work in the restaurant industry, I'd love for you to chime in on this.  And those of you who order soft drinks, seltzer, or iced tea: when you go out, do you expect there to be free drink refills?

Feel free to post in the Comments section the names of area restaurants where they will fill up your glass again for free.

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