The next few weeks are going to be full of both happy and sad news. We're seeing lots of businesses reopen, offering outdoor dining, allowing more customers in with the proper precautions. On the flip side, we're unfortunately seeing more and more places making the decision that they would have to close their doors for good.

Social 37 has been a popular place in Toms River for years, but just this morning they took to Facebook to make the announcement:

Obviously the saddest part of these closures is that owners are forced to sell, employees will be out of work, and a lot of people are losing their income. Beyond that, it's just a drag that some of the restaurants are not able to have 'farewell parties', they are not able to close on their own terms. They're being forced to make extremely hard decisions based on circumstances that are totally out of their control, and it's just really sad. My heart goes out to those people who invested so much of their lives into opening and running a restaurant, and for all the employees who counted on those paychecks.

It's also just a bummer to see another local business go down. We know that the big box stores and the national chains will survive. They may lose a million, but that's chump change for them. It's the small places, the moms-and-pops, the local eateries that are going to suffer the most.

Good luck in the future to the owners and staff of Social 37 - I hope you get back on your feet sooner than later!


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