If you're a regular listener you probably heard me sounding fine on Tuesday, then you didn't hear me at all the rest of the week.  It's because I woke up Wednesday morning with aches and a fever and soon got a doctor's diagnosis of...the flu.  The dreaded flu that has been all over the local, state, and national news.  Wow, it just came out of the blue!  And wow, it makes the human body feel miserable!

Now that the worst is over, I thought I'd share some observations and suggestions just in case the flu will find its way to your home.

Facebook is a great tool to pass time and feel like you're not alone when you are sick as a dog.

Speaking of dogs, it's okay to snuggle them if you're sick.  There are some conflicting articles online but I checked with my veterinary nurse friend who says our dogs won't catch our flu.  And may I say how awesome it was how Taylor stayed near and kept checking up on me?  Pets are so tuned into their humans.  It's a beautiful thing.

Tamiflu is a good drug to shorten the intensity and duration of the flu.  It wasn't even a thing last time I had the flu so this is a positive new development.

Hydration is important.  I think I failed at that one of the days because I felt like I was going to pass out.  Lesson learned.  It's been lots of hot tea and water ever since, even when I haven't felt thirsty.

There's no shame in asking for help.  I had people who went and got my prescriptions filled, brought me groceries (and donuts), made meals and cups of tea for me, and walked the dog for me.  I don't wish this flu on any of them but I'll be happy to return the favor if they need me.

As for how I passed the time when I wasn't sleeping?  I mainly watched TV.  There were a bunch of shows on my DVR and On Demand that I enjoyed.  And a bonus of being housebound for 4 days was that new episodes of Grace and Frankie were just added to Netflix!  The flu is a perfect excuse to binge-watch.

Disinfectant wipes are being put to good use now.  I'm wiping down everything I've touched:  remote control, light switches, tea kettle handle, etc.

The final note I have is what numerous medical and non-medical folks have told me:  Take it easy even if you start to feel better.  Apparently many of us make the mistake of rushing back to our full lives and busy schedules as soon as our fever drops.  Relapses with this year's flu are very common, they say, so I'm taking this slowly and hope you will too.

What advice would you have for someone with the flu?




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