Ocean and Monmouth Counties are now under a blizzard warning from 8 pm tonight (Monday) until 6 pm Tuesday Night, so here is a checklist of things you'll wanna have ready just in case you find yourself under a lot of snow and ice Tuesday:

  • Vehicles: Make sure you check anti-freeze and windshield washer levels and get gas today, while it's easier to get in and out of your local fill-up station.
  • Make sure you have a battery-powered radio in case power goes out, this way you will be able to get information from 92.7 WOBM
  • Batteries: make sure you have a good supply
  • Flashlights: in case we lose power you'll need "light"
  • Food: non-perishables and easy to prepare foods in case there is power loss, you'll be without fridge and stove/oven use... Plus, don't forget your "furry" friends!
  • Prescriptions: If you need to re-fill then today is the day to do it.
  • Blankets: Prepare for heat loss and have extra blankets and warm clothes ready.
  • Coastal Residents: Have an evacuation plan and be prepared for possible flooding.
  • Shovels and Salt: Have these items easily reachable and ready for use.
  • Electronics: Charge Cell-Phones and Electronics before the storm arrives.
  • STORMWATCH ... Keep up to date throughout today and through the storm with 92.7 WOBM with complete closings and delays 24/7

Be safe and remember Shawn & Sue will be first in with Storm Coverage Tuesday Morning!

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