When you think of New Jersey, you think of people. Lots and lots of people.

However, there are towns across the great Garden State that are shockingly small.

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What's so great about the "Great Garden State?" Where do I start?

Roadside farm stands, dynamite diners, the finest wineries and craft breweries, cuisine that make other states envious, diversity, four seasons, the beaches and the boardwalks, the list goes on and on.

I think we get stuck in our bubble and forget that there are parts of Jersey that are "off the beaten path," and many most likely like it that way.

For example, I live in Toms River. I love it here, but it's always busy in Toms River.

When I want to escape but not have to go far, I just hang a right on Route 37 and enter a little gem called Island Heights.

Every time I'm in Island Heights, I feel like I'm on vacation. It's a cute little town with lots of charm and amazing views of the Toms River.

Not all of these towns you'll see on this list are small in size.

This go around we're focusing on population.

There are actually towns in our state that have official populations in the single digits.

Many of these towns will be new to you. They were new to me.

Others are well known but have very few people living there for good reason.

You'll see why.

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