Maximum sun and minimum rain are a boon for beach lovers anywhere that the water is in motion - the ocean, bay, river and creek beaches monitored by the Ocean County Health Department all get passing grades for quality. Lake water doesn't move that way, however, and bacteria-related swim cautions are posted at six of them.

(Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media NJ)

Lake Horicon in Lakehurst, Bamber Lake in Lacey, and A. Paul King Lake in Stafford are under swim advisories, meaning that elevated bacteria levels were detected today. Testing tomorrow will determine if the advisories will be lifted or the beaches will be closed.

Beach closures continue at Ocean County Park in Lakewood and Harry Wright Lake, high and low, in Manchester.

Health Department officials attribute it to waterfowl waste and a continued pattern of short downpours and long sunny spells.

Advisories, and subsequent closures, begin when enterococcal bacteria counts exceed 104 colonies per 100 milliliters of water, and when fecal coliform bacteria surpasses 200 colonies per 100 milliliters of water.

A second round of tests is conducted immediately if levels are elevated. If both samples register high, an advisory is issued and more tests ensue the following day. Advisories leave closure decisions with municipal officials. Consistently high readings trigger closures by OCHD.

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