Todd Frazier, who helped Toms River win a Little League World Series, is now one game away from helping the Yankees get to the Big League World Series! Frazier has contributed both on the field and off ... becoming the bombers number one cheerleader and rallying the team!

Here's how I feel. Re-sign Todd, he's a "positive" clubhouse force and would be well worth a short-term re-sign. There are a few spots the Yankees could upgrade, but if the price is right and nothing too long term then grab Frazier for at least the next one to two seasons and enjoy his high energy and timely batting highlights. Every team needs "positive" veteran players and he's one of them.

While we are at it, I would also re-sign CC Sabathia to a short-term contract. He has shined this playoff season and has found his "thing" and if price is right and not too long term, resign CC too!

What do YOU think? Re-sign Frazier? Re-sign CC?



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