Students in New York will be getting two additional holidays in 2024.

Kids love a day off from school but for parents it could be difficult for daycare or for someone to watch their children. And when there is another day off added to the calendar, I'm sure it can cause some frustration for parents.

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wavebreakmedia, getty stock, thinkstock

Should New Jersey students have off from school for these two holidays?

Holiday #1 - New York will observe Lunar New Year. According to, the Governor of New York just signed legislation making the Asian Lunar New Year a public school holiday in the state of New York. The Governor's reasons for children to learn about and celebrate different cultures and traditions different than their own.

Lunar New Year falls on Saturday, February 10th, 2024 and either Friday or Monday before or after the holiday.

Holiday #2 - New York City students will have off from school in celebration of Diwali. Public schools in the city will be closed all public schools the 15th day of the eighth month of the Indian calendar each year. Students in 2024 will be off November 1st. The Governor of New York signed into legislation for this day off of the school calendar.

So, should New Jersey students have two extra holidays on the school calendar? Moms and Dads sign-off on this. I remember trying to find babysitters and Moms that would help me out a lot when Abby, my daughter was younger with our holidays off of school. It's tough for parents when their kids aren't on their normal schedule.

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