Traffic is a problem year round at the Jersey Shore. Of course, summer is when it peaks, but you can always expect traffic on the Garden State Parkway. How can you avoid the traffic? Let's make a list of tips shortcuts together help get around the shore. 

TIP #1: Leave Early (Or Late) During the Summer

It seems like a no-brainer, but you have to PLAN your trip ahead of time during the summer to avoid hitting traffic.  If you're headed south on the Garden State Parkway on a Friday afternoon, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of extra time.

Of course, when there's the mass exodus out of the shore on Sunday afternoons, it often makes sense to stick around. Traffic usually starts to clear up later in the evening (like after 9pm). So my suggestion? Get an ice cream cone or enjoy the rays of sun later into the evening over dinner before hitting the roads. You might as well, right? It's better than being stuck in traffic all night.

TIP 2: Shortcuts!

Here are two alternates to the dreaded Garden State Parkway this time of the year. I want your help adding to this list though! Leave a comment to let us know what shortcuts you use to navigate the highways of Ocean County this time of the year.


Route 9 through Ocean County has a bad reputation because of the countless traffic lights. However, a lot of motorists and visitors avoid Route 9.

As a result, sometimes Route 9 is a better alternate. When this post was originally written on Memorial Day afternoon, Route 9 was the suggested alternate from Ocean County Trafficwatch reporters.

So it seems like a no-brainer: take Route 9 if you're trying to avoid traffic on the parkway. It's more scenic, and there are places to make pit stops along the ride if you have kids with you.


This one will definitely add a few miles to your trip as you zigzag across Route 18, but it could be worth it. It seems like the traffic of traffic in the Asbury Park area can be pretty painful. So get off the parkway at exit 98 and take Route 18 up to Eatontown, and then rejoin the parkway up by exit 105.  If the parkway is having a really rough day, just stay on Route 18! The highway rejoins the Turnpike out near the Brunswicks.

TIP 3: Take WOBM along for the ride

I know you're thinking I probably have to say that, right? But WOBM has the Ocean County Trafficwatch that can help save you time with our traffic reports. Plus, we have the great music to keep you company when you are stuck in traffic. The RadioPup app comes in handy too. You can get our traffic reports on the beach to help you decide when it is time to head home yet.

Let's add to our list of shortcuts. Leave a comment to let us know what shortcuts you use to navigate the highways of Ocean County, and we'll update the post below.

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