The days of extra cash for school superintendents for manipulating special education are over.

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A measure by shore Assemblywomen Caroline Casagrande (R-11) and Amy Handlin (R-13) that bans bonuses for top administrators who reduce out-of-district placement for special needs students was signed into law by Governor Christie.

"It is inappropriate to ever tie a superintendent's compensation to where a child attends school," said Casagrande in a prepared release. "I am proud that New Jersey is taking a stand on behalf of our special needs students and their families."

The bill, which had support from both parties, prevents school superintendents from receiving bonuses for trimming the number of students registered in programs outside their own districts.

Handlin added that the primary focus should be "constructive and achievable approaches" to special-needs education, not where they learn.

"This legislation makes it clear that teaching special needs students is an important component of a school district's policies and curriculum," she said, "and there is no reward for placing them in an outside district."