WHEN Covid-19 vaccinations are ready, "some" ShopRite pharmacies have joined the federal program to distribute the vaccinations when available to the public.

Close up hand of child writing positive messages to frontline heroes working during Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine.
Thais Ceneviva

ShopRite announced earlier this week when it becomes available to the general public, they will be available at "some" of their New Jersey pharmacies. ShopRite joined the Pharmacy Partnership Strategy for Covid-19 Vaccination Program operated by the Department of Health and Human Services along with the Centers for Disease Control, according to the patch.com.

ShopRite has about 280 stores in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland. Personally, I can't wait to get the vaccine. I know several of you will give me slack for that, but I will take the vaccine when it is available to me. And my family will take it as well.

Jeffrey Mondelli, vice president in charge of the pharmacies at Wakefern Food Corp., ShopRite's parent company, says "The federal program is aiming to mass immunize the population throughout the spring of 2021, and our pharmacists are up to the challenge and ready to help our communities." Mondelli, continues, "By working with these federal agencies and a network of pharmacy partners, we can help rapidly expand access to COVID-19 vaccines in the neighborhoods served by our ShopRite Pharmacy stores. This is the next step in helping to revitalize our communities."

Covid-19 has kept us away from loved ones, changed what we all thought we knew, made us sick, and ruined businesses and restaurants. In the year 2020 we've seen so much love from frontline workers, there is no way we can ever say, "thank you", enough. It's time for the vaccination. I hope that the public can have this vaccine, sooner than later.

Sue Moll
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