One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the traditional "Christmas Stockings". Hung by the chimney with care and hopes of fun prizes soon will be there! I love our stockings, it's simple and fun and always a cute surprise.

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Of course, the "traditional" Christmas stocking gifts were apples and oranges or tangerines. They were inexpensive and fruit in winter was rare.

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Now if you want to include the traditional apples and oranges that's fine, but I have my picks this year for cool stocking stuffers for everyone here in Ocean County. It's my Amazing TOP 10 Stocking Stuffers 2021 List

Maybe some good ideas for you and your family and friends this Christmas.

10. Screen Protectors

We all have phones and we all need to protect our screens. These transparent screen protectors are inexpensive and can save someone's phone from damage.

9. Cough Drops

It is cold and flu season and having cough drops is always a good idea.

8. Christmas Ornament

Get your loved one a new Christmas ornament. Try grabbing something that's hot this year to add to their tree for years to come.

7. Fun Socks

Well if you follow me you know I love fun socks, so maybe I put this on the list just so I get more? lol always fun and hey we all need more socks.

6. Hand Sanitizer

It is not fun but in today's world, it's always needed.

5. Car Air Freshener

We all want our vehicles to smell good and we always need new ones.

4. Deodorant

Men's or Women's everyone wants to smell good, this is an item we can all use an extra of.

3. Breath Mints

Ok this one goes without saying :)

2. Money

A simple dollar or two can but a cup of coffee

1. Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate and there are a lot of holiday versions.


So there you go my TOP 10 Amazing Christmas Stocking Stuffers for 2021



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