Lets take a look at the latest James Bond movie Skyfall

Ok first...I'm not going to give anything away. Secondly is Daniel Craig the best 007 ever ? Here's my take on 007. Each "Bond" has represented his era and is a product of his generation. Lets brake it down:

Sean Connery: Classic Bond, very 60's feel. Original is often considered the best. My fav "Goldfinger".

George Lanzenby: Doesnt Matter

Roger Moore: Campy Bond...Brought 007 into the 80's . My fav "Live and Let Die"

Timothy Dalton: Serious Bond ... Took 007 towards the 90's. My fav "The Living Daylights"

Pierce Brosnan: Took Bond to the turn of the century. A mix of Connery & Moore...Playboy. My fav "GoldenEye"

Daniel Craig: Darkest of Bonds. Realistic. My Fav "Skyfall"


"Skyfall" is a real treat for Bond fans! It has all the elements for a great night at the movies with 007. Craig's Bond as earlier mentioned is a dark and real character, with more action/adventure then martini's and exploding pens. This film also addreses aging and "Bond" vs. New Generation. A new world where computers outpace pistols. Javier Bardem plays a perfect "villian" odd, dangerous and driven. Bardem reminds me alot of Christopher Walken in "A View To A Kill". We learn alot about about 007 in Skyfall. The movie takes us around the world and back to London. It is alil long, but worth the time.....just make sure you get a good seat and get comfy...your in for a ride. Ralph Fiennes is a nice addition to the cast. The Movie is directed by Sam Mendes. Adele sings the theme and its a classic Bond opening , well done ! This edition of 007 is all about the relationship between Bond ( Craig ) and M ( Dame Judi Dench)  and its Bond at his best , truly a great film and one of the BEST Bond's ever! There is alot of social "issues" in this Bond...... Age, Addicition, Sexuality,and Family issues are some of the areas tested in this Bond.... It even pokes fun at itself. Great night at movies with my Son ( Zach ) and I ! ~    * :) :) :) :) 1/2 out of 5 

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