Sexting - and its consequences - form the focus of the newest video in the Right Turns series from the office of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D.Coronato.

"Will You Hit Send?" takes viewers through 16 minutes that starkly outline the repercussions for sending, receiving or displaying sexually-explicit or suggestive images or words through the Web, or via wireless phones.

It is targeted at middle-school and high-school students, though the Prosecutor says that it can also be an educational device for parents who allow children cell phone and Internet access.


The videos are financed with proceeds of drug forfeitures. E-Video Productions of Toms River scripted "Will You Hit Send?," with the cooperation of investigators in the Prosecutor's Juvenile Unit. Scenes are set on the Manchester HIgh School, E-Video's complex, and other spots around the county.

Ocean County Vocational School's Performing Arts Academy supplied the lead characters, including Payton Crispe, Sarah Osman and Jakob Walsh. Also taking speaking and extra parts are Brendan Paparella, Ryleight McDonald, Shannon Rabbitt, Amanda Runy, Emily Gulden, Adina Paciello, Tom Johnson and Zach Zabarsky.

Coronato urges viewers to share the video. The rest of the series resides at the Ocean County Prosecutor's web page.

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