The timing of this story is perfect. On the heels of my article earlier this week about the horrible behavior that I saw some drivers exhibiting a few days ago, comes this poll about what states have the worst drivers. And, surprise, New Jersey isn't number one. But we're way up there. Read on for the details...

The website did a poll of all 50 states and Washington, DC to find out which state has the worst of the worst on the roads.

While we can take a little pride in the fact that Jersey isn't the worst, we shouldn't brag too much, we did crack the top 10, coming in at #8.

As many of us in Ocean County can attest, New York drivers were among the worst, with a #3 showing.

And the worst? It might surprise you - Idaho.

Who knew?

Apparently Idaho has a toxic mix of extremes - slow, lazy drivers, and aggressive, fast motorists all clashing on the same highways.

Are you surprised at where NJ is on the list? Where do you think we should be? Tell us in the comments!