New Jersey has always been an in-between state. We're in between New York and Philadelphia. The Shore is in-between North Jersey and South Jersey. So have you ever wondered where most New Jerseyans are from in the first place?

The New York Times has a fascinating interactive map that shows every state and where those state residents are originally from.

For instance, only 36% of people who live in Florida were actually born in Florida, while 8% are actually native New Yorkers.

New Hampshire is another interesting one - 42% were born in New Hampshire, but a full 25% were born in Massachusetts.

So, how about the Garden State?

According to their data, over half (53%) of us were born right here in New Jersey, 11% are native New Yorkers, and nearly a quarter (23%) were born outside the U.S. altogether.

As for me, well, I was born in Wisconsin, which makes me a pretty small minority that doesn't even get its own category, with "less than 1% of New Jerseyans born in other states in the Midwest".

You can see the whole interactive map at the New York Times by clicking here.