Following confirmation of a rabid raccoon in Middletown on July 29, health officials reveal a second case in a different section of the township.


Officials said that the lethargic, abnormally-behaving raccoon was spotted Monday, August 3, in woods between Taylor Lane and Cherry Tree Lane. The previous one was found on Millbrook Road. 

Health Department Director Rich DiBenedetto says that there are no reports of any interaction with humans or domesticated animals. The previous one squared off briefly with a dog, but the dog wasn't wounded, officials said last week.

They're reinforcing the reminder that feral wildlife run a high risk of rabies infection. The township is offering free rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats on separate days in September and October of this year.

Meanwhile, they advise keeping pets on leashes outdoors, even in woods, and avoiding any contact with potentially-rabid creatures. Sightings can be reported to Middletown Animal Control, 732-615-2097, or to police during nights and weekends.


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