With a number of Ocean County stores closing in the past year, people take rumors of more closures seriously when they come up. And one of the Ocean County Mall's anchor stores has been the subject of recent closure rumors.

Word has been spreading that one of the mall's biggest stores, Sears, is on its last legs and will be shuttering in the near future. So we did a little investigation to get the full story.

Rather than pass on gossip and word on the street, we went right to the source and reached out to the Sears corporate offices. To their credit, they responded very quickly.

According to Sears Holdings Corporate Communications Director, Howard Riefs,

"The Sears store at Ocean County Mall was recently sold to Seritage Growth Partners as part of the agreement in which Sears Holdings leases the store back from Seritage...We have not received any notice that Seritage has immediate plans to change the store footprint. As such, it’s business as usual at the store, and we will continue to serve our members and customers as we have for the last nearly 40 years"

So, according to the official Sears corporate spokesman, the rumors are just that, rumors, and there are no immediate plans to close shop at the Ocean County Mall.

We've also reached out to Seritage for comment and will update if we receive a response.


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