A favorite spot for many in Monmouth County is closing this weekend after decades of service to the Shore.
This may be just a "see ya later" instead of "goodbye," however.
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Almost 40 years to the day, a former school teacher sold his first pub and headed to the beach.
He had three small kids at the time but dedicated himself to building a place where old friends could come and where new friends would be made.
That has got to be the goal of any bar owner, right?
Apparently, he also joked that he had no other choice but to buy a pub because it’s the only way he would be allowed to sing for people.
Very smart. Have a built-in audience.
This bar owner was said to have a personality larger than life.
Do you know those who just seem to have an "it factor" that attracts others to them? That was this guy.
The bar stayed in the family as the owner made his son Randy a partner.
The two were a dynamic duo. Working closely with family isn't always easy, but they made it happen and managed to be best friends.
Original owner Ron passed away in 2010.
His son Randy and Randy's wife went all-in with the business.
They were there so much that it's said their 10-year-old son practically grew up at the bar.
He became an attraction at the bar and patrons would look forward to seeing the young man. Randy's wife said on Facebook that it's because of the love and loyalty of their customers that makes leaving their place behind bittersweet.
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The beloved Ron's West End Tavern in Long Branch is closing this weekend. The owners said on Facebook:
<div dir="auto">I’m not sure if this is where the road ends for Ron’s West End Pub, but our family felt it was time to not say goodbye, but perhaps, see ya later.</div><div dir="auto"> </div>

Ron's will be open through Saturday, April 2, and on April 3 it's their “It’s not goodbye, but see ya Later” party from 2-6 pm.

Thanks to the owners and staff of Ron's West End Tavern for over 40 years of great drinks and even better memories. Hopefully, we will "see ya later."
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