The search for a Toms River woman intensifies. Township police report that Martha Hesse, 79, left her Holiday City home on Mount Fairweather Lane Thursday, and never returned home.

Martha Hesse (Toms River PD)
Martha Hesse (Toms River PD)

According to police, Hesse's husband said that she left in their car, but he didn't know her destination.He called police at about 6 PM, after several hours in which the two had no contact.

It was at about 6 PM that Hesse's car was found near the community lake. Her purse, wallet, cash, charge cards and cell phone were still inside, police said.

The car was found around 6 pm near a community lake with her purse, wallet, cash, financial cards and her cell phone left inside.

A thorough search on water and by air with heat-sensing gear, focusing especially on the area where the car was discovered, yielded no trace. Investigators believe that she might be distraught, and needing help.

She is described as about 5'5" tall, weighing 160 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes, and is believed to have been wearing a tee shirt and pajama pants.

Anyone who has information that can help find the woman is urged to call police at 732-349-0150 extension 1020.

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