I just spent two days in computer hell at my house.  It was like my machine was possessed by an evil force.  My mouse would randomly close windows as I was composing messages.  Apps I had no interest in would suddenly open and take up the entire screen.  Window upon window would open up and I had no idea why.  I really felt powerless while my brand new PC had this temper tantrum.

When faced with a technical question, I’m usually pretty good about finding answers online.  But this one had me stumped.  So I turned to my friends who work in the computer field.  I'm happy to say the problem has been fixed!  (It was actually as easy as plugging the mouse directly into the computer, rather than using my old USB hub.  Lesson learned!)

It's National Engineers Week so let's use this post to thank Ocean County's best and brightest technical folks.  Our own Tom Trembley keeps the radio stations' equipment and computers running smoothly.  Thanks, Tom!

Who at your work place is the Engineer who can fix everything, or the IT staffer who gets you out of computer hell?  Please give them a shout-out in the Comments section below.




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